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Connecting top-talent to creative positions around the globe

Burō Talent’s rich history in identifying and recruiting the most talented creatives is built on our partner Janou Pakter’s heritage and reputation in Creative Executive Search.

Today’s brands and companies that leverage Design to create deeper engagement and connection with their customers through storytelling, understand that Design contributes to the bottom line. You engage both new customers and retain existing valuable customers.  Brand storytelling is applicable to all industries whether it is Luxury, Retail, Financial, Healthcare, Technology, etc.

Some of the roles we have placed include Chief Creative Officers and Artistic Directors that define a brand’s visual identity and strategy, Visual Merchandising and Store Design leaders that map out the physical experience and Experiential Design leaders that create the digital experience.

The following are sample roles we have placed:

Chief Creative Officer
Artistic Director
Creative Director
VP Brand Design
VP Product Design
Head/Director Design
Design Operations Director
Design Thinking Director


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